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  1. Gauge 5 (127mm) - Standard Class 4MT Locomotive

    The Standard Class 4 Tank

    Introduced in the 1950s the class 4 tank was used primarily on freight and suburban lines until they were removed from service in the late 1960s due to the introduction of diesel and electric models. Popularity certainly hasn't dwindled for this loco with a weight of 88 ton and a top speed of 75mph during its hay day. It is no wonder so many model collectors and train enthusiasts love the 4MT.

  2. 5" 14xx Green

    Act Quickly

    The 5" Gauge 14xx is no longer being produced and we have the last two models left in the world. Secure yours now by placing your order online or CONTACT US to place a holding deposit on one of the last two models.

    We have 1 BLACK British Railways and 1 GREEN GWR Available and when those models are gone there will be no more produced.

    The 4800 class which later became known as the 1400 class. A beautiful train to look at, they could be found away from most main rail lines trundling along in the Western Regions. The 1400 class was built for push-pull work as they could be driven from either end when combined with an autocoach and this meant faster turnaround times at terminal stations.