5" Gauge Model Trains

5" Gauge Live Steam Locomotives For Sale

You can finally have your very own 5" gauge live steam locomotive. Our trains arrive to your doorstep, assembled and ready to run. All trains are backed by a 12 month warranty, we also supply track and parts on request. Simply email info@britishlivesteam.com.au for a quote or further information. Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email prior to ordering, we are only too happy to assist with your requests.

Live steam train for sale

Why choose a 5" gauge live steam locomotive

5" Gauge live steam locomotives offer an exciting form factor for the home enthusiast and the commercial customer alike. Designed around 5” track standard, these locomotives are large enough to sit on, providing you with a fun way to enjoy your model railway or to provide rides at steam days and outdoor events.

Our 4MT

The Gauge 5 model locomotives in our collection have an esteemed history. The Standard Class 4MT locomotive is faithfully recreated, capturing the splendour of the original design. It was originally intended for production at the works in Brighton. Indeed, this is where the majority of locomotives were constructed. But production soon spread out across the country to where it was needed most, including Doncaster and Derby.

The first Standard Class 4MT emerged from the Brighton manufacturing plant in 1951. Over the course of nearly six years, 155 were built. But with the rise of diesel as a preferred fuel, production was cut short. In 1957, more than 15 orders for new 4MT engines were cancelled.

By 1962, all 155 engines remained in service. But over the course of the following decade, their numbers dwindled. By 1967, there were fewer than 25 still in operation, having been replaced by diesel alternatives. Today, just three working examples remain.

Our 1400 Class

The other model in our collection is the 14xx Class Locomotive. These locomotives are no longer being made for Gauge 5 steam locomotive collectors, and the examples we have in stock are the last available for sale anywhere in the world.

The Great Western Railway originally designed the 14xx for passenger work. Although we know it as the 14xx today, the locomotive was introduced under a different name when it was originally released in 1932: the 4800 Class. In 1946, the series was renumbered the 14xx Class.

The 14xx was supposed to be a modern version of the classic 517 Class which dated back all the way to 1868 when it first went into production in the Wolverhampton Works. The new engine worked with the GWR push/pull coach, enabling the locomotive to operate the train from both front and rear.

The 14xx had a relatively short service life. Scrapping began in earnest in 1956 and continued until 1965, the last year in which the locomotive saw active service. A few remained on standby in the 1960s, but they were not working full time. Instead, they were meant as steamed replacements of diesel services, should any of the diesel engines fail.

The perfect size for garden railway

5 Gauge steam engines produced today come with many of the creature comforts that collectors have come to expect from the model locomotive industry. The model 4MT, for instance, has been chosen because of its seating position which makes it easier for the ride on operator to use. All locomotives are thoroughly tested and have a shell test boiler certificate. In addition, the roof is removable.

5 Gauge trains are ideal for the home enthusiast, thanks to affordable pricing. They are reasonably easy to maintain and can provide entertainment for the whole family, especially children when used safely. New model locomotives arrive fully assembled, allowing you to get on and enjoy your new engine. All our models come with a silver soldered, copper boiler, thoroughly tested under pressure.