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7.25" Gauge Live Steam Locomotives For Sale

Browse our selected range of 7.25" gauge live steam locomotives. We have new and pre-owned locomotives in our stock. If you would like to buy (Or sell) or require any further information please contact us on [email protected]

Gauge 7.25" Model Trains

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  1. 7.25" Rocket Steam Engine

    7.25" Gauge Stephenson's Rocket


    Rocket was designed by Robert Stephenson in 1829, and built at the Forth Street Works of his company in Newcastle upon Type. Though Rocket was not the first steam locomotive, it was the first to bring together several innovations to produce the most advanced locomotive of its day. It is the most famous example of an evolving design of locomotives by Stephenson that became the template for most steam engines in the following 150 years.

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  2. 7.25" B1 Thompson Class

    7.25" Gauge Thompson Class B1


    We can finally unveil the 7.25" Gauge, Thompson Class B1. Not only do we have this brilliant locomotive in LNER Green but we also have rare British Railways Black.

    The LNER Thompson Class B1 was the workhorse of its day. Designed by Edward Thompson, it was meant to be a cheap, wartime locomotive that would help get Britain back on its feet. The train soon became iconic throughout post-war Britain with more than 410 being completed in total since the first in 1942.

    Built to a commercial standard

    This loco is built to withstand commercial use in parks and clubs or for the garden rail enthusiast and comes with a built in, fully painted and lined passenger car so you can actually ride and drive this coal fired beauty.

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  3. 7.25" Hink Borkstal Wilhelmina

    7.25" Hink Borkstal Wilhelmina


    We currently have listed a 180mm gauge, coal fired Wilhelmina. The loco and riding car are in excellent condition and have been truly cared for by an experienced owner and member of Sunshine Coast Railway Modellers Society. Contact us for further information.

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  4. 11" Queensland BB18¼ Locomotive

    11" Queensland BB18¼ Locomotive


    We have received this locomotive as part of a deceased estate. An 11" gauge model of the Queensland BB18¼ class locomotive. Owned and built by a member of Sunshine Coast Railway Modellers Society with engineering by Metric Engineering Coopers Plains. This is real find and won't last long! Contact Richard on 0403 247 771 for more info or email: [email protected]

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