7.25" Gauge Stephenson's Rocket

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7.25" Gauge Stephenson's Rocket

Rocket was designed by Robert Stephenson in 1829, and built at the Forth Street Works of his company in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Though Rocket was not the first steam locomotive, it was the first to bring together several innovations to produce the most advanced locomotive of its day. It is the most famous example of an evolving design of locomotives by Stephenson that became the template for most steam engines in the following 150 years.

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  • Method of firing: coal-fired.
  • Weight: Approximately 27kgs.
  • Boiler material: copper
  • Boiler volume: about 2800ml.
  • Working pressure: 80-90psi.
  • Hydraulic pressure test: 180(no fitting test) /150psi(with fittings)
  • Bearing of axles: the whole axle box made of casting bronze(no liner)
  • Material of motion: stainless steel.
  • Material of tender: wood, steel, brass ect.
  • Water tank: wood.
  • Cylinder block: bronze.
  • Cylinder piston: stainless steel.
  • Cylinder O-rings: imported O-rings.
  • Material and type of axle bearings : axle box made of bronze (no liner)
  • Brake: no.
  • Injector: no.
  • hand pump, Axle pump: yes.
  • Lubricator: yes, mechanical oiler.
  • Connectors and fittings (Material and types): rubber tube.
  • Safety valves (amount) : one.
  • Boiler wood cover boards: brass with wood like finishing.
  • General materials : brass/copper/steel/wood.