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Gauge 1, 45mm Live Steam Locomotives For Sale

Here at British Live Steam, we’re excited to bring you our incredible live steam engine range. This is the Gauge 1, 45mm size, and it’s the smallest steam engine we offer. Each model is built with high quality, long lasting components which mimic real locomotive engines from the most iconic historical periods in railway. We construct each engine very carefully by hand, using highly durable materials to ensure you get a locomotive that’s built to last and is of an exceptionally high standard. Our gauge 1 live steam engines run on butane. We find that these locomotives present an accurate depiction of how powerful the full-scale models were back in the day. You will really get a sense for how fast these trains go when you see them trundle along your track.

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The main thing for us was to create these Gauge 1 model trains with as much accuracy as possible. The steam era was the most iconic period in the history of the railway industry. It was a special time that saw some of the most stunning locomotives to ever grace the earth.

Each one of our 45mm trains is based on a real locomotive, and we studied them sincerely to ensure that every detail is covered. They come with excellent features as well, including working cylinders, water gauges, axel pumps, and multiple moving parts. This product is perfect for any steam-era enthusiasts that want to study the best trains from this period up close and personal.