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Gauge 3, 63.5mm Live Steam Locomotives For Sale

Gauge 3 locomotives are loved the world over because of their manageable size and higher level of detail. Gauge 3 locomotives have a great deal of presence and provide a scale to model railways that suits clubs, and also private collectors, thanks to their muscular appearance and independent working parts. Many of our models have exciting features, such as water whistles and working headlamps. And because they run on butane gas, you get a real sense of combustion, as you would with a real life steam train.

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Locomotives are designed to look as close to the original as possible. The livery is exceptional, and often the result of many hours work by highly dedicated artisans. The construction is high quality too, with trains being constructed from brass, copper, and stainless steel. Unlike smaller models, these trains bring enthusiasts into close contact with the locomotives that they love.

Gauge 3 is a term for a particular size of model locomotive based on the work of designers, like Henry Greenly. Initially, builders built to the scale of half an inch to a foot, but the gauge soon became standardised as 17/32’’ to the foot, or about 13.5mm. The tracks are the standard for the wheel measurements at 63.5mm exactly.

We are gradually making more Gauge 3 steam locomotive models available in our range, thanks to interest from enthusiasts. They are a powerful window into the history of the locomotive and a great manageable size for the live steam enthusiast.