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Standalone Live Steam Engines For Sale Australia

Our standalone, miniature live steam engines are perfect for collectors who want to add a bit of live action to their engineering collection. Live steam recreates the original reason that many of us fell in love with steam engines in the first place: the mechanical and water-driven technology that kick-started the locomotive era. Each model has a different steam plant specification, depending on the preferred steam output, as well as chassis size. Our steam plants, therefore, come in different power outputs and form factors. We offer one, two, and three cylinder varieties. The larger the number of cylinders, the higher the steam output. Plants are made to a high quality in brass construction with silver soldered copper boilers. They are powered by replaceable butane tanks that connect to a gas line that feeds the engine.

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Safety is paramount. Every standalone, miniature live steam engine has a safety valve and a check valve. Live steam engines are ideal for use at home, or in model steam clubs. They add a sense of theatre and drama to the occasion and help build excitement in a way that electrically-powered model railways cannot.

Mounting a steam cylinder in your locomotive will take your model railway experience to the next level. Because of their exceptional construction, they can be used daily for years without having to be serviced or replaced. They provide an outstanding return for the keen enthusiast to indulge themselves in the wonder of the railway. And thanks to clever design principles, they are safe.