Real Model Trains: Live Steam Locomotives In Australia

Welcome to British Live Steam. The home of live steam engines in Australia. We are offering the chance to have your own piece of history with our carefully selected range of coal fired and gas fired locomotives.

5" 4MT locomotive

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Bring the magic of live steam to your garden or home

Without the invention of the steam engine, the industrial revolution might’ve never reached its full potential. While this type of power made its way into factories, ships, mines and a wide range of other areas across the globe, its role in the railway industry tends to invoke the most nostalgia amongst hobbyists and history enthusiasts alike.

Small-scale live steam models offer hours of entertainment, and the garden railway is continuously gaining steam in terms of popularity particularly throughout Australia, North America and the United Kingdom.

Why Choose a Live Steam Engine As Your Hobby?

  • International Historical Significance: Despite their role in revolutionising the world, steam engines have been all but weeded out in mainstream transport. They’ve been replaced by electricity, diesel and other sources of power, leaving the original influence behind modern-day innovation to fade away into oblivion. Live steam engines help preserve this vital piece of history for current generations as well as those to come.
  • Keeping National History Alive: In addition to honouring the steam engine itself, our coal-fired live steam models pay homage to trains on a more local level. Scale locomotives in our line-up are based on actual Great Western Railway and British Railways models, so each one tells a specific story and offers a unique glimpse into the past in its own right.
  • Interactive Fun: Toy trains give you the option of operating them from afar and are certainly interesting to watch for a while, but their features are limited. With a 5” gauge locomotive, you get all the elaborate details of smaller versions as well as the ability to fire them up yourself and actually tow passengers when combined with the correct carriages and rail system.
  • Complete Control: With your own live steam locomotive, you’re in charge of water levels in the boiler, the intensity and condition of the fire in the firebox and balancing these aspects against the load being hauled. At the same time, you’re literally in the driver’s seat. We bring an entirely new level of interaction and control to the world of model trains.
  • Pure Power and Versatility: Five-inch gauge live steam engines are designed to follow the lay of the land, so you can veer around curves, pull steep hills, immerse yourself in thrilling downgrades and traverse extensive tunnels on your model locomotive. All the while, you’ll be able to feel the power of the engine as it adapts to various changes in your track.

These are only a few of the reasons to make a live steam engine part of your life. Whether for sheer historical value or the excitement of being in control of your very own model steam engine, you and your family are sure to get countless hours of enjoyment from these incredible scale models. Browse our selection, and bring all the excitement, insight and historical value right to your back yard.