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Gauge 3, 63.5mm Live Steam Locomotives For Sale

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  1. Gauge 3 4MT

    Stunning gauge 3 model of the British Railways standard class 4 model locomotive.

    Latest revision

    Featuring injector for improved ease of use.

    Available livery

    We offer black and green livery.

    See below for full specifications

  2. 14xx Live Steam

    The 4800 class which later became known as the 1400 class. A beautiful train to look at, they could be found away from most main rail lines trundling along in the Western Regions. The 1400 class was built for push-pull work as they could be driven from either end when combined with an autocoach and this meant faster turnaround times at terminal stations.

    Design & construction

    At gauge 3 this is a very well detailed and impressive model. Construction is long lasting, durable and designed to be run for years and years. The majority of the model is produced from stainless steel and brass with the boiler being produced in copper with silver soldering. A UK made pressure gauge.

    Available livery

    We offer black and green livery.

    See below for full specifications

  3. Britannia Live Steam

    The Britannia Class or Standard Class 7 as it is widely known, was a a class of 4-6-2 Pacific steam locomotive. This brilliant Gauge 3, fully functioning live steam locomotive can now be part of your collection and is available in green abd black British Railways livery. This steam engine arrives fully operational and ready to enjoy. It is also the revised model with the injector for improved ease of use!

    Ask us about lead time

    We may not have your exact model in stock or stock may be in transit, contact us for information prior to ordering.

  4. Gauge 3 British Coronation

    A highly elaborate and finely detailed locomotive. The British Coronation locomotive in Gauge 3 is a butane gas fired live steam locomotive at 1:22.6 scale. Manufactured from a combination of brass and stainless steel. Our LMS Coronation Class is the streamlined version which looks very impressive in the flesh.

    Available livery

    We offer blue and burgundy livery.

    See below for full specifications