7.25" Gauge Thompson Class B1

7.25" Gauge Thompson Class B1

We can finally unveil the 7.25" Gauge, Thompson Class B1. Not only do we have this brilliant locomotive in LNER Green but we also have rare British Railways Black.

This loco is built to withstand commercial use in parks and clubs or for the garden rail enthusiest and comes with a built in, fully painted and lined passenger car so you can actually ride and drive this coal fired beauty.

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Over engineered, designed for commercial and daily use

  • Boiler Volume 14.5L
  • 7.25" Gauge 184mm.
  • Coal-fired live steam , 2 cylinders.
  • Bronze cylinder block. Stainless steel pistons.
  • Walschaerts valve gear.
  • Fitted injector.
  • Steam operated cylinder drain cocks.
  • Fitted  displacement lubricator.
  • Silver soldered copper boiler (CE marked and hydraulically tested).
  • UK made Pressure gauge , working pressure at 80-120 psi.
  • Two Water gauges.
  • Blower valve, whistle, injector steam valve.
  • Independent check valves for axle pump and injector.
  • Boiler blow down valve, steam brake valve for loco , Tender brake:hand brake.
  • All valves have captive spindles"
  • Screw reverser.
  • Multi-element superheater.
  • Boiler feed by injector, axle pump and hand-pump.
  • Stainless steel motion.
  • Sprung axle boxes with needle roller bearings.
  • Leave springs to all axles.
  • Etched brass body with rivet detail.
  • Removable cab roof for easy access to controls.
  • 2 working safety valves.
  • Fitted with working steam brakes.
  • Choice of livery: Green/Black.
  • Fully painted and lined.
  • Ready-to-run.
  • 12 months warranty.

7.25" Gauge Thompson Live Steam Locomotive

The LNER Thompson Class B1 was the workhorse of its day. Designed by Edward Thompson, it was meant to be a cheap, wartime locomotive that would help get Britain back on its feet. The train soon became iconic throughout post-war Britain with more than 410 being completed in total since the first in 1942.

Our 7.25” model versions of the Thompson Class B1 runs on real coal pellets fed into the onboard furnace. The cockpit design is close to the original, complete with feature dials and controls. 7.25” gauge trains are capable of surprising speed, even with a number of adults being towed.

Steeped in history, the LNER Thompson Class B1 is a highly sought after collectible locomotive. The first batch of B1s serviced the line from London to Norwich, via Stratford and Chelmsford. They soon became synonymous with trade from Eastern ports like Harwich, bringing supplies back to Liverpool Street in the City. But this was not the only line on which they served. Because of their low price, around £15,300 a piece, demand came from all parts of the country, including Scotland and Yorkshire.

One of the most notable features of our model Class B1 is the high standard of construction. Because of this extreme durability, they are ideally suited to commercial use, such as shopping malls, live steam clubs, carnivals and other events. Handle assembled, these steam engines last for decades, just like the original. And, as a result, they are suited to high volume daily use..