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Gauge 1, 45mm Live Steam Locomotives

Browse our range of Gauge 1 live steam locomotives. We offer a brilliant range of locomotives and accessories that include the Newcastle flyer, The highly popular Britannia Class and The Mallard to name a few! Browse our models below and don't hesitate to ask us anything. We offer an online ordering option or if you prefer to discuss our locos just visit our contact us page or email [email protected].

Gauge 1 Model Trains

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  1. M7 Tank Locomotive

    M7 Tank Locomotive


    This live steam model oif the M7 splendidly captures the well proportioned features of these popular long serving branch line locomotives.

    • Gas fired live steam locomotive.
    • Choose British Railways black or Southern green.
    • Extremely well built locomotive.
    • Gas tank in bunker with 20 minutes run time.
    • Arrives fully painted and lined - ready to run.
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  2. Gauge 1 (45mm) - 14xx Live Steam Locomotive

    Gauge 1 (45mm) - 14xx Live Steam Locomotive


    An essential addition to your gauge 1 collection

    The 4800 class which later became known as the 1400 class. A beautiful train to look at, they could be found away from most main rail lines trundling along in the Western Regions. The 1400 class was built for push-pull work as they could be driven from either end when combined with an autocoach and this meant faster turnaround times at terminal stations.

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